Health Equity Ambassador Program

The Health Equity Ambassador Program is an initiative that aims to equip local community stakeholders to bridge the gap between healthcare advocacy and everyday life. The program aims to empower communities with knowledge, resources, and opportunities for better health, ultimately reducing health disparities.

Community Health Speaks is excited to extend a warm invitation to community leaders from various backgrounds to become champions of health equity through our Health Equity Ambassador Program. As local leaders who have earned the trust and respect of your communities, you are uniquely positioned to make a profound impact on health outcomes, knowledge, and engagement.

Community-based health interventions, such as the Health Equity Ambassador Program, have demonstrated effectiveness through increased reach and engagement with underserved populations. These initiatives leverage the trust and credibility of local leaders like barbers and clergy members to promote positive behaviors and culturally relevant health information, contributing to behavior change and improved health outcomes. Such interventions aim to reduce health disparities and establish sustainable networks for long-term health impact. Research suggests that the implementation of community ambassadors shows promise in addressing disparities and improving healthcare access for marginalized groups, necessitating more efforts to meet community needs effectively.

Why Become a Health Equity Ambassador?

Empower Your Community: You can be the source of valuable health information and resources, helping community members make informed decisions about their health.

Build Trust: Your influence within your community establishes a sense of credibility and trust that can significantly impact how healthcare information is received.

Drive Engagement: By sharing information and promoting health-related events, you can encourage community participation in activities that can improve well-being.

Become a Local Advocate: Your role as an ambassador extends beyond information sharing; it can evolve into local health equity advocacy.

Our Leadership

Meet the Team that Makes it All Happen

Samantha Hidalgo, MPH

Pronouns: She/Her. Having obtained a Master's in Public Health and a Bachelor's in Psychology, I possess a diverse skill set that I bring to my role as a Public Health Program Manager at the Buffalo Center for Health Equity. My focus is on community health and social determinants, and I am dedicated to driving systems change and promoting health equity at all levels.

Mel LeMay, LMSW

Pronouns: They/Them. I am a Grant Specialist for the Erie County Department of Health's Office of Health Equity, where I provide grant-related support for the Office as well as grant-related technical assistance for community organizations engaged in health equity work in Erie County. I have a background in social work and experience in the nonprofit and education sectors.

Chantazia Bronson, MPH

Pronouns: She/Her. I currently serve as the Institute Administrator at the University at Buffalo Community Health Equity Research Institute. In this role, I oversee daily operations, projects, and processes, as well as collaborate with community organizations to address health equity-related issues in the African American community on Buffalo's East Side.

Eleanora Stuart

Pronouns: She/Her. I am a biologist with a passion for connecting science and community. I currently serve as the Lab Manager for a Psychiatirc Genetics research lab, where we investigate multi-ethnic ancestry and risk of neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and Autism. I am also pursuing my Master's degree at the University at Buffalo's Jacob School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Yessica Amezquita

Pronouns: Ella/She/Her. In my role as an Outreach Aide with the Erie County Department of Health, I organize Mental Health First Aid trainings, workshops, and attend community events to connect with community members. With a background in Community Engagement, Early Childhood Education, and Sexual Health, I aim to uplift the community's wellbeing through the Health Equity Ambassadors program, providing opportunities for residents in the East and West side of Buffalo to achieve optimal health.

Inquire to become a Health Equity Ambassador

Community Health Speaks is dedicated to promoting health equity and improving healthcare access for all. By joining the Health Equity Ambassador Program, you become an integral part of this mission. Sign up HERE