Learning About Your Genome


The "Learning About Your Genome" series was a comprehensive educational program designed to help individuals understand the intricacies of their genetic makeup. This series covered various topics related to genomics, including the basics of genetics, the role of genetics in health and disease, and the significance of ancestry in genetic testing. Participants learned about the structure of DNA, genetic variations, and how genetics can impact traits, health conditions, and drug responses. Additionally, the series delved into the ethical considerations of genetic testing and the importance of informed decision-making in healthcare.

One of the sessions in the series was dedicated to equipping participants with the skills to spot scientific misinformation, enabling them to critically evaluate genetic information encountered in various sources. Another session featured a panel of experts who engaged in a profound discussion about the distinctions between race and ancestry, emphasizing how these concepts can either inform or misinform one's understanding of their health. These expert insights added depth to the program, encouraging participants to think critically about the complexities of genetic information and its implications for their well-being. Overall, this program empowered individuals with knowledge about their genomes, enabling them to make informed choices regarding their health and well-being.