Community Health Speaks

Bridging the gap between health, science, and the community.

About Community Health Speaks

Community Health Speaks is an initiative that has brought together a diverse group of individuals, including dedicated faculty from the University at Buffalo (UB),  Buffalo's key community centers, and residents from various backgrounds. Our mission is clear: to bridge the divide between the scientific community and those from historically marginalized communities. 

Our primary goal is to raise awareness about health disparities and the transformative potential of research within our community. We understand that the power of research can only be fully harnessed when everyone has a seat at the table. That's why we are dedicated to engaging individuals from all walks of life, encouraging them to actively participate in discussions about research designs, implementation strategies, and outcomes.

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Our Purpose

Community Workshops

Empowering individuals through accessible, informative workshops on genetics and healthcare.

Health Equity

Championing equal access to healthcare for all, addressing disparities in underserved communities.

Genome Education

Making complex genetics understandable, fostering informed decisions for better health.

Environmental & Social Justice

Advocating for fairness in healthcare and the environment, promoting a healthier world.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Joining forces with organizations, academics, and advocates to drive change together.

Upcoming & Past Events

Calls for diversity in genomics had motivated new global research collaborations across institutions with significantly imbalanced resources. Alicia R. Martin, Ph.D., shared practical insights gained by her and her colleagues at the BROAD Institute MIT and Harvard. They had worked on designing multidisciplinary, international research and...

This event, co-hosted by AHEC and Community Health Speaks, was aimed at teens enrolled in a health internship program that took place recently. It was a panel discussion featuring faculty from the University at Buffalo and practitioners with experience in Buffalo's inner city. The session provided attendees with insights into various mental...

UB Psychiatry Community Engagement

Jamal B. Williams, Ph.D (L) and Jennifer Haak, MD (R), at Buffalo Public School teaching about child development disorders to parents and teachers.

Recent Highlights

The "Medicine for Tomorrow" event, from December 12th to 14th, was a great success, teaching high school students essential medical skills through interactive sessions with pediatric residents. Students learned basic medical practices, bleeding management, and CPR techniques, gaining practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the medical field.

The "Learning About Your Genome" series was a comprehensive program aimed at educating individuals about the intricacies of genetics. It covered topics such as the basics of genetics, genetic variations' role in health and disease, and the significance of ancestry in genetic testing. Special sessions were included to help participants identify and combat scientific misinformation and to discuss the nuanced differences between race and ancestry in the context of health. This series empowered participants to make informed decisions regarding their genetic health and understand the ethical considerations surrounding genetic testing.

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